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That’s what this is right here. It’s been a crazy few months (hence the radio silence). We moved back to upstate NY for several reasons, and I’ve been anxious about what new doctors I’d meet and what kind of support I might find. I just left my new PCP after she took two hours talking with me and going over my entire medical history. She was supportive, knowledgeable, affirming, and compassionate! She knows a ton about EDS and has so many recommendations for my other specialists, both for myself and the girls! Including a new geneticist 😍

My old PCP was very supportive, but didn’t have a lot of new ideas of where to look when things kept going wrong. I felt like I had to bring all the research to the table. All the specialists I saw were all over the place, both in their practice approach and geographically. This doctor is super smart, but not egotistical, and I feel I’m going receive much more continuity of care. I’m just so overwhelmed with gratitude just thinking of having better medical support right here in my own town.

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