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Updates! There’s so much. I just got back from visiting my family. It’s been heavy since my dad passed. There’s a lot of logistics we are still figuring out, and the nature of the current COVID situation isn’t helpful. I love my family dearly ♥️

I’m an RN, so I’m still going to work. As someone who has a compromised immune system, this comes with a lot of concerns. I’m working to join a COVID-19 screening task force that basically acts as a remote triage nurse screening patients before they come in for outpatient appointments. This would be easier on my body and would create less exposure to potential COVID patients by getting me out of the hospital for a bit. We will see how that turns out.

Anona has been having migraines with vomiting again. And her newest complaint has been seeing flashes of light. Given the COVID crisis, all of her upcoming appointments/screenings have been cancelled until further notice. It’s hard not to worry and I feel a little stuck. Also, Winnie has started losing her right eyebrow. Given my history of alopecia and endocrine issues, it could be either. That brings up a whole other onslaught of feelings and thoughts.

My online classes/homework are business as usual so it’s gonna be tricky balancing that with both girls home all the time and limited places to go. I might write my professors an email as I can’t be the only one experiencing the hardships of parenting quarantined kids and needing to complete homework.

Trying to hold gratitude with my grief. There is still so much I am grateful for. My heart just feels a bit weary. Remembering to breathe. Been having “Candle Song” by @EarthPracticeMusic (go listen to them you will feel better) running on loop in my head. “Even though there’s darkness around the candle, focus on the flame 🔥 You get to choose what you pay attention to.”

:::Paying attention to sunshine. Warm fresh air. Deep belly breaths. Food and water. Slowing down:::

How are you holding up?

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  1. Kimmie,
    You’re always in my prayers especially since this virus has hit. I need to call your Mom tomorrow. My life has been crazy since the tornados hit Mt. Juliet. Our home is ok, but a lot of homeless families and deaths, including 3 children. Our church and Christian school is destroyed and the large middle school. Fortunately it happened at 12:30 at night when kids were home and not in school.
    Now the virus sends a 2nd whammy. Our county has been fortunate with 3 cases of covid-19. Mostly it’s very quiet and people staying home. Becky had Trevor 5 weeks early …he’s a Leap Year baby. He was 6lb. 11 oz but having and doing well. The world is groaning and moaning but God is still on His throne.
    Stay safe and we’re praying for healing for your girls too.
    Love ya, Nancy


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