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I went out today for the first time since surgery! Just to Wegmans and back (because it’s the best place on earth). It was hard but it felt good! It was my first time using an electric wheelchair. (First pic is my mom’s attempt at getting both me and the Wegmans sign in the frame). I was less self conscious than I anticipated, though I was surprised at how many people actually stared. Even when they’re trying to be discrete. I see you eyeballin’ me 👀 Even in 2019, society can’t seem to be comfortable with the idea of a younger person in a wheelchair.

I’ve been at my parents house in upstate NY. They have been great. I’ve been navigating the world of disability and insurance and tuition reimbursement all from a bed in my brothers old room. I’ll likely be here until mid-December. Matt has been holding down the fort with the girls. Bless him 🙏🏻

Recovery has been going well. The first 24 hours the pain was pretty excruciating. But at this point, it’s handled well with rest, elevation, and Tylenol. I’ve been taking all my supplements, including Zinc, Vit C, Collagen, and Ligaplex. I’ve been drinking lots of organic bone broth. I’ve also been sleeping about 10-12 hours every night. I’m leaning fully in to this season of healing. I’m grateful for the space to do so ✨

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