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Cardiac Clearance ✅

Pre-op Testing ✅

Genetics for Anona ✅

Pediatric geneticist was great. She acknowledged Anona is hypermobile, but said she doesn’t see any risk factors of the more dangerous types of EDS. Since theres no genetic marker for the hypermobile type anyway, she just wants an ECHO to make sure her hearts good, and then follow up in a few years (a lot of kids are super flexible at this age so it can kind of blurry diagnosis). But if anything changes in family history-like someone dies of an aneurism, to let her know right away. She was thorough and also kind. And I feel reassured there’s not a more dangerous type of EDS amongst us!

The cardiologist for my clearance was also super nice. He called me “fascinating” (as many have before him) and was humble enough to tell him I was teaching him new things. I’m always impressed and grateful when a doctor is humble enough to tell you when they don’t know particulars about a diagnosis.

Surgery for my hip is this Monday 🙌🏻



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