/ fallin‘ for you \

I fell down a flight of stairs yesterday. My already painful and vulnerable body just got a lot more painful and vulnerable. It was a super wet morning. I was leaving a friends house after having coffee. We had watched another kid slip on the sidewalk due to the slippery leaves. As I was leaving, she said “Be careful on that sidewalk!” And we laughed as I took my first step off her porch only to go head first the whole way down. Oh the irony.

I’m okayish. Nothing is broken. But I was holding on to the railing, and stretched my whole right arm and right leg/hip in a way that should not have been. Then I came down hard on my left side, banging my other hip, knee, ankle, and ultimately landing on my very newly surgical left wrist. I am okayish. But I am in a lot of pain. And frankly, the whole thing was really scary.

It’s hard living in a body that is easily damaged. A regular person might have taken that same spill and been fine. But I can feel my shoulder where I had the previous labral tear is not doing well. My right hip, which is supposed to be my “good” one, got stretched in an unnatural way. I couldn’t walk on it yesterday. Today I can, but it feels very unstable and painful when I move it in certain positions. My knee sounds like popcorn. And my wrist- my poor little wrist. I iced it a bunch yesterday and it did help, but this is definitely a set back.

I put something about this on my IG stories yesterday, and boy did y’all show up. Words cannot describe how cared for I feel by all of you. Sincere shout outs and gratitude for those who have helped support us with childcare, prayer, food, funds, phone calls, texts, domestic duties, and love. Thanks for being our village.

Time to soak this broken body in Epsom Salts 🖤

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