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The appointment with my surgeon went well. He thinks I have another labral tear and can see some cysts via xrays they took. There was also talk of loose cartilage which would explain the inconsistency of pain from minute to minute. I need to get an MRI and then we’ll move forward from there. Still a waiting game but movement forward. He says we can schedule surgery as soon as he gets images. I can schedule the MRI as soon as I get the auth from my insurance. Everything should be underway in the next two weeks or so. The sooner we get this surgery, the sooner I’m back in the game.

I’m also gonna take a moment and celebrate this guy right here. He has been by my side and an advocate for me every step of the way. He’s been a mirror when I haven’t seen myself clearly. He’s held down the fort with two busy kids running around. He’s pushed himself, compromised, and negotiated in many aspects of his life for me. He’s held me while I cried and made me laugh when I’ve been overwhelmed. He’s an actual gem and I am grateful for him.

#ehlersdanlossyndrome #POTS #MCAS #mastcellactivationsyndrome #CCI #craniocervicalinstability#dysautonomia #hashimotos #chronicillness #spoonies #alopecia #alopeciauniversalis #thespooniesisterhood #kidsandchronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #chronicfatiguesyndrome #CFS #chiarimalformation #butyoudontlooksick #invisibleillness #chronicpainawareness #chronicpain

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