/ waiting… \

You know that part in the book “Oh, the places you’ll go!” by Dr. Seuss about The Waiting Room? About the people just waiting…

…Waiting for a train to go

or a bus to come, or a plane to go

or the mail to come, or the rain to go

or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow

or the waiting around for a Yes or No

or waiting for their hair to grow.

Everyone is just waiting.

This last few weeks I feel like I’m stuck in that room with those people just… waiting. Insurance denied the upright MRI I need to bring to the neurosurgeon stating it’s “not medically necessary” 🙄 Ironically, it’s literally the imaging I need to determine the course of treatment. It didn’t make sense to see the neurosurgeon without all the imaging I need to move forward, so I cancelled that appointment. Insurance needs to do a peer to peer review with my referring physician to determine the appeal. Unfortunately my doctor was out of town/the office for a week and a half. Now he’s catching up on other patients, and it’s been a nightmare trying to get ahold of anyone there who can relay the message to him so we can move forward. So for now I’m just…. waiting.

In addition, I interviewed for a position at my hospital that would be more administrative. Working at the bedside has been incredibly rewarding, as well as incredibly exhausting. I work on a brain injury unit. The amount of care many of my patients require has done a number on my joints and I come home from work exhausted and in so much pain. This job would be a huge blessing and it’s something I’m passionate about. I won’t find out until the end of August.

Waiting on things beyond my control is not my strong suit. Maybe you can relate? I’m trying to take this as an opportunity to exercise patience and have faith that things are going to work out exactly as they’re meant to 🤞🏻




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  1. Yes! I feel same way and posted something similar in regards to waiting. Now it’s shifted to waiting for blood result analysis, waiting for treatment plan, waiting out the Ill effects of this supplement that’s supposed to heal my gut but in turn am having to go through some awful die-off symptoms (or that’s what I hope it is.)

    I also was extremely exhausted coming home from bedside ER. So much attention needed. So much brain power and physical stamina that I just don’t have. Muscles ache. Joints ache. Switched to PACU and is much better and I too often think I’ll end up in administration – or teaching. Or also being a wealthy stay at home dog mom .. can this be an option??? Hahaha. (Waiting! Lol jk)

    I’m sorry you’re in this waiting game – medical field definitely has it’s negatives with insurance companies and the rigmarole that often doesn’t make logical sense.

    You will get there. You will get answers you need. This waiting is temporary. And I hope you get that job 🙂


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